11 nurses got pregnant together at one missouri hospital same time pictures went viral aj

New Delhi, May 13: A strange case has come to light in a hospital in the US state of Missouri. Eleven medical staff working at Liberty Hospital in Missouri have become pregnant at the same time. This includes 10 nurses and one doctor. In particular, both of them have the same due date of delivery. Coincidentally, most of these nurses work in the maternity department of the hospital. This is the first time that such a large number of female employees have become pregnant at the same time in an organization.

All the nurses know each other and work together

Nikki Calling, director of the hospital’s birthing center, said all the nurses work in the same department. But we didn’t expect 10 of them to be pregnant. That’s a lot of fun. Some of these medical staff will deliver in the next few weeks. So, the rest of the nurses are from September to November. The hospital administration has promised to provide all possible assistance to these nurses in accordance with local law and hospital regulations.

The pregnant nurse said there were rumors of hospital water

“I’m excited about the birth of my first child,” said Hannah Miller, a 29-year-old nurse. She jokingly added that many nurses would not drink water from the hospital. Some of these nurses came home from work with a bottle of water. Someone jokingly said that there was something in the hospital water that made 11 nurses pregnant at the same time. The rumor was spread as a joke. Read this – lost a job in Corona, the woman chose a different way to run the house without giving up

The obstetrician-gynecologist at the hospital is also pregnant

Labor and obstetric nurse Katie Bestgen’s delivery date is July 20, while 27-year-old obstetric float nurse Theresa Byram will be a mother by the end of November. Kristen Burns and Cheyenne BT, two 26-year-old labor and maternity nurses, are also pregnant. In addition, obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. “I think it’s really overwhelming,” said Anna Gorman. Because we all work in one unit. Dr. who is waiting for his second child. “The birth of so many babies is going to be really exciting,” she said.

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