10 great teachings of Lord Buddha

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Who does not know Lord Gautam Buddha? Lord Buddha teaches to live life wisely, to take care of health, not to be angry, to live a spiritual life and not to do any kind of violence and to adopt renunciation in life.

Know here 10 special teachings of Lord Buddha – Gautam Buddha 10 Quotes

1. Do not harm others- Do not intentionally kill any animal even for the sake of your own life. Where the mind turns away from violence, there is bound to be sorrow.

2. Truth about- Three things cannot be hidden for long, they are the Sun, the Moon and the Truth. Just as the sun is visible every day, the moon is also visible, in the same way the truth does come out at some point or the other. Therefore, do not bring untruth in your conduct, it is in the good of man to stay away from it.

3. Keep the purpose of life right- More important than reaching any purpose or goal in life is to complete that journey well.

4. Follow the path of love- Evil never ends with evil. Hate can be ended only by love, this is an inexhaustible truth.

5. Understanding others like yourself- As I am, so are they, and as they are, so I am. In this way, treating everyone as your own, do not kill anyone, do not inspire to kill.

6. Victory over self- It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles in life. Then victory will always be yours, no one can snatch it from you.

7. Give happiness to others- Man thinks that I want to live, not die, I want happiness and not sorrow. If I kill a creature who wants happiness like myself, will it please him? Therefore man should abstain himself from animal injury. He should try to dissuade others from violence.

8. Do not keep animosity- Being hostile to enemies, aha! What a blissful life we ​​are leading, living in the midst of hostile human beings!

9. Avoid animal violence- Earlier there were only three diseases – desire, hunger and old age. They became eighty-eight as the animal violence escalated. These priests, these priests, kill innocent animals, destroy religion. This animal-violence done in the name of Yagya is certainly a condemnable and despicable act. Ancient scholars have condemned such priests.

10. Do not wear skin- God said – ‘Monks! The great skins should not wear the skins of lions, tigers and leopards. Whoever wears it, he has the fault of Dukkat (Wicked).’

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