Uk man got 11000 volt electric shock dead for few minutes survived but lost nose ear after surgery mhpl

London, May 13: If someone gets an electric shock, it is impossible to read it. Some died on the spot. But one person has pushed everyone. The man was rescued after being electrocuted by 11,000 volts. True, this person came back through the door of death. But then you will be shocked to see the condition of that person (Man got 11000 volt electric shock dead for few minutes). Darren Harris, a 29-year-old man living in Manchester, UK, had a tragic accident in 2020. He died of an electric shock. (Man got 11000 volt electric shock survived). According to the Daily Star, Darren Wolverhampton went on an urban exploration at a closed steel plant. Urban exploring is about finding something in such a closed or deserted place. The building that Darren had gone into was in a state of collapse. So he thought there should be no electricity. So he unknowingly touched an electric wire. Then he got a shock of 11,000 volts. He was struck by lightning and was thrown far away, and almost died.
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According to Darren, he was dead for a while. Suddenly he regained consciousness but there was a blaze of fire around his body. He could also see the bones inside his hands and neck. His face was burnt. His body was covered with fire. At that moment, he got out of there. Came running down the street. An ambulance was seen passing by and he fell in front of the ambulance. She was later admitted to the hospital. After 27 days his eyes opened.

He was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. There he was in an induced coma. Induced coma is the administration of drugs into a coma. Many parts of his body began to fail. Doctors performed 23 surgeries on him. Connected the artificial skin to his other skin. But in the process, his nose and ears had to be cut off.
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Doctors say Daransa is lucky. Because he had never seen anyone survive in such a situation. Darren was depressed for a long time. He also tried to commit suicide. But now he is accepting himself. Now he is trying to get his ears back through 3D printing technology. He has also enlisted the help of crowdfunding.

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