The woman gave birth to 5 children together it took 2 months to bring each one home from the hospital aj

Texas, May 12: It is said that ‘children are the flowers of the house of God’. Most couples want babies. Everyone wants to have one or two children. The atmosphere was pleasant with the play of children in the house. This is what the couple wanted. But he never mistakenly thought that his wish would come true. Now their house is always buzzing with five children and the couple and their parents living in the house are also exhausted. Brenda Remundo of Texas was only 29 when she became a mother of five. But, she got pregnant only once. Brenda is one of the rare mothers to have 5-5 children at a time. Such children are called quintuplets.

The mother gave birth to 5 children at the same time

Brenda Remundo already wanted to be a mother. But there were some complications. So she had to seek medical treatment. Then they received the good news they had been waiting for. She was going to be a mother. But with this joy came the news, which took them by surprise. Brenda was raising 5 children in her womb at the same time. At the time of delivery, the news came as a shock to the hospital staff as well. Because they had seldom seen such cases. Only five quintuplets have been recorded so far in the history of Parkland Memorial Hospital, where Brenda gave birth.

Hundred Social Media: These five cute babies are now one year old. Now all the kids are healthy and having fun. However, taking care of five babies at a time is a difficult task. Also, it is physically and financially difficult.

Caring for 5 newborns at the same time is not easy

Having more than one child at a time, these children often become a little weak and there were only 5 children here. So, after birth, all the babies had to spend some time in the incubator. Brenda and her husband, Alejandro Ibara, originally from Mexico, had to go to the hospital every day to see their babies and breastfeed them. Then they were brought home one by one. All the children were born on May 17 last year and all were brought home by July 30. Now imagine the physical and financial condition of the parents while caring for these five babies of the same age at the same time. Fortunately, the children’s grandmother, Brenda’s mother, Maria Acosta, was there to help. Now 2 children sleep with Grandma and the other 3 sleep with Brenda and her husband. This is how they want to spend their day. Brenda has created a Tiktok account, where she shares Quintuplets with her five babies. She has 2.5 lakh followers on the page and shares her experiences with 5 children. It has received 3 million likes.

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