Accident in waterpark in indonesia video viral 16 people is in icu mhkd

Indonesia, May 13: Accident (Accident) Can happen anytime. No one is ready for this already. When a person has no expectations and no thought, such things happen. At Kenpark Waterpark in Indonesia (Accident in Waterpark Indonesia) A video of such an accident went viral on social media (Waterpark Video Viral) Is happening.

Video is being shared on a large scale –

The accident of a sudden broken slide was captured in this video. People were enjoying themselves in the water park when the slide broke and suddenly 16 people started falling down. The incident is said to have taken place on May 7. This video of the accident is being widely shared. At least 16 people were injured in the crash, according to Indonesian media. At the time of the accident, it was slipping and falling several meters. But then the slide broke and people started falling down. All of them have been seriously injured and all of them have been admitted to the ICU.

Question marks on water park management –

The video has been shared on a Facebook page called NOODOU. It shows people falling down. The crack on the side of the slide is said to be the cause of the accident. Slide overload caused the slide to break and everyone fell down. In addition, the issue of maintenance in the water park has also arisen. It is said that maintenance and repair work was done here nine months ago. The slides here have not been repaired since then. This is what caused the accident.

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This order was given by the Deputy Mayor –

The deputy mayor has ordered an inquiry after the video of the incident went viral. In addition, other water parks have been ordered to be inspected to prevent such incidents from happening again. He also ordered the park management to be careful as such negligence could endanger lives. This scary video is currently being shared on social media.

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