Omicron variant indian government will provide medical equipment including corona vaccine to affected African countries mhpv

New Delhi, November 30: The Government of India will provide the necessary assistance to the affected countries in Africa with the new Omicron Variant of Coronavirus. According to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the Union Government will provide a number of essential items, including the Made-in-India Corona Vaccine, to the affected African countries in this ‘worrying’ variant. According to the ministry, the corona vaccine could be supplied COVAX or bilaterally. In fact, a global platform called COVAX has been created to ensure equal supply of corona vaccine to all countries of the world. COVAX is co-led by GAVI Vaccine Coalition, World Health Organization and other organizations.

Will supply test kit-ventilator with several medical devices

The Ministry of External Affairs further stated that India is ready to provide medical equipment such as essential medicines, testing kits, gloves, PPE kits and ventilators if required. Because when the time comes, they may need it.

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According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian institutions will be more likely to consider cooperating with their African counterparts in research related to genomic surveillance and virus characterization. In particular, the dangerous variant Omicron found in South Africa has caused a stir around the world. The Omicron variant of the Corona Versus has been named by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the WHO, this variant is named after a Greek vocabulary. The names of all the corona strains that have appeared so far are based on this terminology.

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Not much is known about this variant at the moment. Meanwhile, further study is being done on the variant. So that concrete information can be obtained about how contagious this type is and whether the vaccine is effective against it. Against the backdrop of the Omicron type, countries around the world are increasingly taking precautionary measures. This includes imposing travel bans on South African countries. Corona has killed more than 50 million people worldwide. In such a scenario, the governments of all countries seem to be wary of this new variant.

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