North Korea confirms first covid19 case in the country Kim Jong Un orders lockdown mhds

Pyongyang, May 12: In North Korea (North Korea) The first corona infected patient (Covid positive) Following the discovery, Kim Jong Un launched a nationwide lockdown on Thursday (Lockdown in North Korea) Is applied. Kim Jong Un has instructed the administration to take Covid-19 preventive measures to prevent corona infection. For the first time in two years, a corona outbreak has been reported in North Korea. The first corona-infected patient has been diagnosed with corona prevention. The Korean Central News Agency reported that some citizens in the capital, Pyongyang, underwent covid tests. One person was found to be infected with the omecron variant of the corona. The patient has been placed in immediate isolation and appropriate treatment has been started on him.

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An indefinite lockdown has been announced across North Korea. Appropriate security measures and precautions are being taken. According to the news agency, Kim Jong Un called a meeting of the ruling Korean Workers’ Party’s Politburo after the Corona attack was reported. At this meeting, the members decided to implement anti-corona virus measures. Kim Jong Un has ordered administrative officials to destroy the source of the corona as soon as possible.

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At the beginning of the Corona epidemic where all the countries were battling the Corona virus. At the time, North Korea claimed to have zero Kovid cases in its country. But now the same North Korea has been reported to be infected with the corona. North Korea has since been locked down. North Korea told the World Health Organization in April last year that it had tested 25,986 people for covid in the same month. It was revealed that these citizens were not infected with corona. However, North Korea’s claims are hard to believe. Experts say strict censorship makes it impossible to get accurate information from North Korea.

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