Neither the flight experience nor the information of the aircraft yet the plane landed the passenger took command when the pilot fell ill aj

New Delhi, May 11: When a disaster strikes suddenly, man can do anything at any time. In the name of God, people take on responsibilities that we don’t even know about. Sometimes everything fits even without experience. One such thrilling feat was performed by a man who flew a plane with zero experience and surprised everyone. A passenger with no experience flew the flight and surprised everyone. However, at that time, literally the dying passengers had no choice but to remember God. Due to the tragic incident, the people on the plane stopped breathing. The plane was then taken over by a passenger who had no experience of the job. The incident took place at Palm Beach International Airport. The pilot suddenly fell, forcing one of the passengers to fly. The control room found out when the pilot could not be reached while trying to contact him. (Radha in Bhandara BJP, party ‘Ha’ Limited People’s Party, former MLA’s Tikastra)

The passenger did the maximum

When Air Traffic Control tried to contact the pilot, they received such shocking information. As a result, the ground beneath their feet shifted. The plane that was being approached was in the hands of a civilian, not a pilot. Answered a voice from the cockpit, who had never before had any information or experience other than traveling by flight. Seeing the situation on the plane, the people sitting in the control room lost consciousness. Generally, any pilot needs about 60 hours of training experience and at least 10 hours of solo supervision to fly. However, the man who had the bow in his hand had no experience in flying. Importantly, he still landed successfully and peacefully.

Hundred Social Media: Patiently listen to and understand the instructions of the control room, and even aviation experts are dumbfounded about successful and safe landings.

Success in landing with restraint and peace

Authorities in the control room heard the sound of a passenger on a 14-seater Cessna Caravan plane. This time, the plane was about 70 miles from landing. He was saying on the passenger radio, ‘There is a serious situation here. Our pilot’s health is deteriorating. I don’t know how to fly a plane. ” He held his breath. Now there was no other choice, so the two began to talk to each other calmly and calmly. The control room then received instructions to try to follow the shore, to keep the fan level right and to maintain the position to the north or south. Until then the attempt to find out the status of the aircraft begins. The passenger in the pilot’s seat began to fly as instructed. The plane was instructed to land at Palm Beach, 25 miles north of Boca Raton. Then training was given in the air on how to actually land the plane. Aviation expert John Nance told the New York Post:

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