Mumbai Schools will not be started from 1st december bmc take big decision mhpv

Mumbai, November 30: Although schools in the state will start tomorrow, there was confusion about school reopen in Mumbai. In addition, Mumbai Municipal Corporation has taken a big decision to start a school. According to the latest information, schools will not start from tomorrow. Mumbai Municipal Corporation has clarified that the school will not start from 1st date. Therefore, schools from 1st to 7th in Mumbai will not start. Schools from 1st to 7th in Mumbai will start from tomorrow, if not from 15th December. Mumbai Municipal Corporation has given this information.

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Will the new Omicron variant of the Corona start school tomorrow? Question marks were raised in front of teachers and parents. A meeting of the municipality was held recently to start the school. This decision will not be taken at this meeting.

School starts in the state from tomorrow

On Monday, the state government removed the ordinance and clarified that the school will start functioning from December 1. The cabinet meeting was held on Monday. An ordinance has been issued by the school education department after this meeting. Schools in the first to fourth rural areas and the first to seventh urban areas will start on December 1. It has been suggested that there should be 15 to 20 students in a class and only one student in a class.

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Also, special care will be taken against the background of Omaicron. Special instructions have been given in the rules for students to wear masks properly while in school. One hundred percent vaccination of teachers and non-teaching staff will be mandatory. Teachers and schools are advised to ensure that students wear masks properly.

This is the rule for schools and students

– There should be 15 to 20 students in a class. – There should be only one student in one class. – There should be a distance of 6 feet between two classes. – Teachers should be accommodated in the same village in the same city. How to do it – Special instructions in the rules for students to wear masks properly while in school – Teachers and non-teaching staff must be 100% vaccinated – Teachers and schools should make sure students wear masks properly – School bus drivers, helpers must also be vaccinated – The bus helper should make sure that the students are wearing masks properly in the bus – School will be full in two sessions in the morning and afternoon – School will be full for 3 to 4 hours only – No field games or any event will be organized – Parental permission is required to send students to school Student stay at home – Online education for students who are unable to attend school It will continue – the first two weeks should focus on enjoyable learning

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