America anti abortion activist pro life spiderman climbs 60 floor salesforce tower in san francisco video viral mhpl

Washington, May 4: Many stunt videos are going viral on social media which is shocking to watch. One such video is currently under discussion, in which a person climbs a 60-story tower. This video is going viral on social media. This person is involved in the anti-abortion movement in America (Man climbing 60 floor tower). There is a movement for abortion rights in America (Anti abortion protest). Meanwhile, the video from San Francisco is going viral. This is a person who opposes abortion. His name is Mason Deschamps. Mason calls himself Pro Life Spiderman. His videos are going viral as he climbs the tower. He also posted videos on his Instagram account while climbing the tower. He said in the post that he had taken this dangerous step to convey the anti-abortion message to the people.

The GuardianAccording to the report, the tower on which this person has climbed is the Salesforce Tower. The 60-story tower is 1,070 feet high. It is the second tallest building in the western part of Mississippi, and the 17th tallest building in the US.
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This person has climbed such a tall tower without any security equipment. As you can see in the video, the man is wearing a gray hoodie and pants and only handgloves.

Everyone was shocked to see this man climbing the building. People at the bottom of the building and in the building also made a video of it and shared it on social media.
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As soon as the video went viral, San Francisco police and firefighters arrived at the scene. Police have taken the youth down from the building and taken him into custody.

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