WHO approves emergency use of serum Institute Covovax vaccine Adar Poonawala shared Good News mhpv

New Delhi, December 18: Currently, the omicron variant of the Corona Virus has raised concerns. The number of patients of this variant is increasing day by day. That’s the good news. The WHO has approved the Serum Institute’s vaccine, Covovax, for emergency use amid the omicron threat. Adar Poonawala tweeted about the decision. “Another big decision has been made in the battle of Corona,” he said. The Covovax vaccine is more effective and safer.

WHO approves emergency use of Covovax vaccine

The Kovavax vaccine is manufactured by Serum in collaboration with the Novavax company. The vaccine has proved to be very effective in all the tests performed so far. For this reason, the WHO has approved the ninth vaccine for emergency use. The WHO says low-income countries will benefit greatly from these vaccines and will be vaccinated faster in the short term. In this regard, WHO’s Dr. According to Dr Mariangela Simao, the vaccine is the only effective variant in the new variant that can save people from serious illness. The Kovavax vaccine has been approved to improve vaccination status in low-income countries.

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According to him, there are 41 countries where less than 10 percent are still vaccinated. There are also 98 countries where the figure of 40 per cent has not been touched.

Now waiting for the full license

The Novavax-SII vaccine has recently been approved for emergency use in Indonesia and the Philippines. An application for emergency use has also been developed in India. The company has made it clear that Kovovax will play a decisive role in the fight against Las Corona. As for the Kovavax vaccine, it can be kept at a temperature of 2 to 8 ल्स C. Two doses of this vaccine will have more effect. The serum vaccine was given the green light only after a thorough study of the results of its Phase 2 and 3 trials.

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After much research, several experts and the WHO team have approved the Kovovax vaccine for emergency use. But now the company will have to provide the necessary vaccine-related data to the WHO for a full license.

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