As soon as a child is infected with corona 8 such symptoms appear Identify in time rp

Mumbai, April 29: The possibility of a fourth wave of corona virus has again created an atmosphere of fear. In addition, small children are now suffering from Covid 19. Since the new variant of the Corona XE (covid xe variant) has come out, there have been many cases of children getting infected. According to health experts, the highest risk of covid 19 is in the elderly and children. In such a situation, your child needs special care. If there is any problem in the health of children, it is necessary to take it seriously and consult a doctor. In all the cases reported so far, let us know about the symptoms found in children (Covid symptoms in kids). Fever – Fever is one of the most important symptoms of corona. If a child has a sudden fever, we should not ignore it. Persistent cough or dryness Frequent cough or dry cough is also a symptom of corona. In this, the children’s throat gradually becomes dry. Loss of smell or taste Many children do not have any taste or odor after being infected with covid. It’s hard for us to understand that, because kids don’t understand it themselves, but we can find it in some way. Loss of appetite After an infection, children usually do not feel hungry. They don’t even eat their favorite foods. Some children also experience vomiting after eating. Runny nose or runny or sore nose is also a symptom of coronary artery disease. Diarrhea – Stomach upset, which often leads to problems like stool or diarrhea. Read this – take a bath even on a summer night; Avoid shortness of breath before many problems occur – If your child has difficulty breathing, take him or her to a doctor right away. Body aches – Many children may not complain about this, but if your child feels pain, do not delay and consult a doctor immediately. Read this – happy atmosphere at home, less stress; Try these indoor plants in the bedroom – remember to encourage children to develop healthy habits. For example, wearing a mask, maintaining a physical distance of 1 meter from others, and washing hands frequently. Teach children how to take care of themselves when they are alone or at school. Give children plenty of vitamin C. Give children more water in summer. It is very important to keep the body hydrated during this season.

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