Why north south korea border is most dangerous in the world mh pr

Seoul, April 27: Although the names of North and South Korea have the same word, they have been closely related since 1945. After World War II, Japan’s domination of Korea came to an end. The United States and Russia then began trying to influence them. Later, for the same reason, Korea was divided. One part became South Korea and the other North Korea. One is still influenced by the United States, it is a democracy, and the other is influenced by Russia and China. There, the Kim family has ruled in a dictatorial tradition for three generations. The enmity between the two Koreas has reached such a point that their border is becoming a dangerous border of the world. This boundary is called DMZ, meaning demilitarized zone. This border between North and South Korea is considered extremely dangerous. The border that divides the two countries is also a means of uniting the two countries. But, this border is considered to be the most dangerous border between any two countries in the world. What is the reason behind it?
Why is the Korea demilitarized zone the most ‘dangerous border’?
About 25,000 to 30,000 North Korean guards are always stationed at the border. It is said to be the most secure border in the world. It is about 4 km wide and 250 km long, which has been dividing the two countries since 1953.

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Numerous landmines on both sides
There are numerous landmines on both sides of the border, which could explode as soon as anyone steps on them, sources said. The entire border is surrounded by barbed wire. These landmines and thorn bushes have been left empty in one place. This is where the two countries find a way to exchange with each other. Kim Jong Un went to South Korea the same way.
Why North Korean Soldiers?
North Korean soldiers have been given clear orders to always wear dark colored goggles. Because, no one should read their gestures by looking at their face. In addition, South Korean soldiers and passers-by have been instructed not to make any bizarre gestures or gestures towards North Korean soldiers. When asked what the consequences would be, those who say ‘anything can happen’ say so.

A pool from which no one came back
There is a bridge on the border between the two countries, from which no one comes back. In fact, when the Cold War ended in 1953, prisoners of war were being transported from one country to another on this bridge. It was called the ‘never-to-be-returned’ bridge. His path is still very scary today.

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