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New Delhi, April 20: Corona, who was arrested a few months ago, is seen wearing hijabs once again. Corona has once again wreaked havoc in the capital Delhi. The Central Government has alerted Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Mizoram about the Covid-19 Case of Positivity Rate and increasing cases. According to figures shared by the city’s health department, Delhi has seen an increase of about 26% in covid cases in the last 24 hours. The positivity rate is 4.42%. According to the Delhi Health Department, 632 new covid cases were reported on Tuesday as against 501 on Monday. Similarly, the positivity rate on Monday was 7.72%. On Sunday, the capital recorded a positivity rate of 4.21% with 517 cases. With new cases, the number of infections in Delhi has risen to 18,69,683, while the death toll has risen to 26,160. In Gautam Buddha Nagar in Uttar Pradesh, 107 new cases were reported on Tuesday, including 33 children, the official said. The number of active patients in Gautam Buddha Nagar, adjacent to Delhi, has reached 411. On Monday, 65 new patients were found in the city. Here, 137 patients and three deaths of Kovid-19 were recorded in Maharashtra on Tuesday. Their number was 78,76,041 and the number in the state was 1,47,830. A total of 59 patients were found here on Monday, with zero deaths from corona. There are 85 patients in Mumbai, while two of the three deaths are in Pune city and one in Parbhani. A day earlier, the Kerala government had rejected allegations that the state had not submitted daily figures of Kovid-19 to the Center. In this context, Kerala has condemned the ongoing campaign at the national level. The government has claimed that the state has submitted the data of Kovid to the central government in the prescribed format without fail. Health Minister Veena George said digital evidence could not be hidden. Due to the decline in cases, Kerala stopped publishing daily statistics on April 10. But the data was being collected strictly. Presented to the Center and took an accurate review. George said the argument that Kerala did not submit Kovid to the data center was wrong.

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