Russian man and his wife discussing about physical abuse of ukrainian women over phone call aj

New Delhi, April 16: The Ukrainian Security Service released an audio. The phone call claims that a Russian soldier asked his wife for permission to rape Ukrainian women. It says the soldier’s wife allowed him to rape Ukrainian women. Now a news organization has made a big claim about the identity of these two. Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, a US government-sponsored agency, claims that the male voice in the phone call is that of 27-year-old Roman Bykovsky. So, the woman’s voice is that of his wife Olga Bykovsky. Ukraine’s security services intercepted the call from the Kherson region of the country. In it, a woman is heard allowing a man to rape Ukrainian women. When the man asked for permission, the woman laughed and said, “Yes, I do.” Read this – Russia avenges the destruction of Moscow, blows up Neptune production plant

Contacted via social media account

RFE / RL’s Russian Service and Planning Journalists conducted a joint investigation project with RFE / RL’s Ukrainian Service. Ukraine’s security services have traced the phone numbers of people on both sides of the aisle who spoke on the phone through their sources. He reached out to Roman and his wife’s social media accounts via phone number. Roman’s mother, Irina Byakovsky, revealed on social media that he was a member of the Russian military. Later, Roman told RFE / RL that he belonged to the Russian military. He was assigned to the Crimean port of Sevastopol. However, on an intercepted phone call, he denied being himself. Olga Bykovsky also admitted that her husband was in Sevastopol. When contacted by RFE / RL, Olga said Roman was injured and was being treated at a hospital. She did not answer any questions after that. Read this – Parents organized for their daughter on their own! The 14-year-old girl chose ‘Boyfriend’

Roman and Olga have not yet been charged

The report claims that despite Roman and his wife’s refusal, their voices matched the phone calls. However, neither of them has been charged with rape so far and no case has been registered against them. It is possible that both of them were joking on the phone call. But the report comes at a time when a large number of Ukrainian women are accusing Russian soldiers of rape. However, Russia has not responded to Ukraine’s allegations. However, Russian officials have denied targeting Ukrainian citizens.

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