After Mars on 7th April, Mercury will also change house on 8th April, Budhaditya Yoga will be formed by changing the house of Sun on 14th April

Budhaditya yoga 2022: The combination of the planet Mercury and Aditya, that is, the Sun in any sign or house, is called Budhaditya yoga. The planet Mercury is said to be the provider of jobs, business, speech and intelligence. The planet Sun is considered to be the provider of governance, governance, position and prestige etc. This yoga is considered very auspicious.

Mars has entered Aquarius on 7th April 2022. Mercury will transit from Pisces to Aries on 8th April, where it will remain till 25th April 2022. After this, after transiting in Pisces from 15th March, from there, it will leave its exalted sign Aries on 14th April 2022, Thursday. That is, from April 14 to April 25, there will be Budhaditya Yoga in Aries.

Budh Grah Mercury

Budh Grah Mercury

The transit of the planet Mercury in Aries is beneficial for 4 zodiac signs: ( Budha Grah in Mesh Rashi):

1. Aries: Mercury will transit in the first house of your zodiac. In such a situation, courage, intelligence and self-confidence will increase in you. This is the right time for you to invest and increase your sources of income. The financial side will be strong. Health will have to be taken care of.

2. Taurus Horoscope: Mercury will transit in the twelfth house of your zodiac. Your honor and respect will increase during this time. If you are doing any business related to foreign countries, then there will be profit in it. You will also get success in higher education abroad. Overall, this transit will give positive results.

3. Gemini: Mercury will transit in the eleventh house of your zodiac. The lord of your zodiac is Mercury. This transit is auspicious for you. There will be progress in job and progress in business. Matters related to real estate will be settled. Will be successful in making movable or immovable property. be able to earn money

4. Leo: Mercury will transit in the ninth house of your zodiac. Luck will favor you with this transit. The economic side would have been strong. Obstacles coming in job and business will be removed. Will be successful in gaining name, recognition and fame.

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