Us defense report claims that woman got pregnant after sexual encounter with alien mhkp

Washington April 08: ‘Aliens’ (Aliens) There is a mystery in which almost everyone is interested and scientists are constantly searching for it. But despite all the claims and many alleged videos, the aliens are still a mystery due to lack of evidence. To date, many amazing claims have been made about ‘creatures on another planet’ and UFOs. But one woman has now made a very strange claim. The woman says she became pregnant after meeting an alien (Woman got Pregnant after Sexual Encounter with Alien)
Emergency landing at the airport caused 2 pieces of aircraft; In a shocking LIVE VIDEO report titled ‘Anomalous Acute And Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues’, the US Department of Defense examined the health of people who claim to have ‘supernatural experiences’. Some of these cases were very simple, some were very strange and one case was of ‘mysterious pregnancy’. The report lists the effects of approaching aliens or UFOs. There are five cases ranging from injury to abduction and ‘sex’ as well as ‘death’. Other experiences included on the list include nightmares, sudden loss of voice, eye injuries, difficulty breathing, and weight loss. The Sun published the findings, citing documents obtained by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). According to the report, this includes scientific reports prepared by the government and letters from the Pentagon regarding the UFO program. Is Poverty End in India? According to the IMF report, many people have been injured due to ‘contact with outside planes’. Of these, 42 cases are in the medical file and 300 cases are ‘unpublished’, in which people have been injured. Some ridiculed him on social media after documents relating to the verdict became public. One Twitter user wrote, “My big belly doesn’t mean I’m obese, I’m mysteriously pregnant.”

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