After back breaking pain now new symptoms appear among covid 19 patients doctors issue caution

New Delhi, January 11 – The corona virus is now spreading across the country and the world. Experts say that the third wave of Corona has hit the country. As the number of patients increases, so do the symptoms. Corona Symptoms Cold Symptoms Cold Symptoms Cold Symptoms In Bangalore, Karnataka, patients with corona infection and isolation report severe pain in the legs (from fingers to knees) and sore throat after corona infection. Many doctors said that patients with colic had these symptoms. But she could not say for sure what the symptoms were. Such News has given. Professor of Microbiology and Nodal Officer for Corona Control Asima Banu, a doctor at Vani Vilas Hospital, said that in the last few days, patients admitted to the hospital and in isolation have been complaining of leg pain and sore throat. Sore throat lasts only one day, complaints of leg pain last for three days, then leg pain stops. P. G. Medical students were confirmed to have started having leg pain on January 6 after being infected with corona on January 5. How does the common cold help prevent corona? The student said she had thorny pains from her thighs to her toes. It started with one foot first. Gradually both legs began to ache. Another student was hit by a corona on January 3 after visiting a friend’s house on New Year’s Eve. He could not swallow because of a sore throat. He said he did not have a cold, but suffered from leg pain on the third day of infection. Dr. According to Banu, these symptoms appear to be normal in patients who come in contact with them and are exposed to fatigue. Those who have symptoms of sore throat should take betadine. Also take paracetamol (Dolo-650) for leg pain. Those with serious symptoms should be admitted to the hospital, he appealed. Do this to prevent infection; Tips for Staying Healthy-Cooling According to a report by National World, new data from the Zone Covid Study App states that two new symptoms have been reported in patients with omecron deficiency. In addition to the usual symptoms, different effects on the body have been observed after coronary artery disease. Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, says many patients have symptoms of nausea at the first stage of the infection.

Speaking on a YouTube video, he said that the symptoms are more common in people who have taken both doses or booster doses of corona vaccine. But their effect is very mild. Back pain has been shown to be another symptom in omicron lesions.

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