North korea fires multiple rocket launcher south korea says monitors kim jong un moves and maintains readiness aj

Seoul, March 20: As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, fears of another military conflict are growing. This concern is heightened by the belligerent attitude of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. North Korea is in the arms race and is rapidly testing various weapons. According to the latest reports, the South Korean military has claimed that North Korea fired. North Korea fired several small-range rocket launchers on Sunday after a new missile test failed a few days ago. According to the Associated Press, North Korea is expected to launch its longest-range ballistic missile soon. The country is seeking to strengthen its arsenal by acquiring large quantities of arms from the United States. For this, he can try to bring pressure and get concessions from America. Earlier on Wednesday, South Korea said North Korea’s air missile blast was part of North Korea’s largest weapon, the Hwaseong-17 missile. Now, on Sunday, South Korea’s defense ministry said it had learned that North Korea had fired several rockets from the West Bank. South Korea’s Defense Ministry says its military is monitoring North Korea’s every move. Read this – Putin fears food poisoning .. 1,000 individual workers removed South Korea’s military chief said in a statement that a rocket launcher had been fired at North Korea this morning. Our army was monitoring the situation and was ready for any situation. According to Yonhap, the North Korean military fired four shots at an undisclosed location in the southern Pyongyang province near the west coast at around 7.20am four times in an hour. Read this – US President’s warning to Jinping, Russia will suffer consequences if it helps Russia, South Korea’s National Security Council convened an emergency meeting of the sub-ministry on these launches. He said in a statement that South Korea was working with its ally the United States on military and cooperation fronts.

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