One and a half crore spent on wifes treatment mortgaged MBBS degree in 70 lakhs mhmg

Jaipur, March 9: New story on Valentine’s Day celebrated around the world as a symbol of love (Love story) Came to the fore. One of the incidents is touching. This is the story of Suresh Chaudhary from Pali district in Rajasthan (Rajasthan news). Her wife was rescued by her doctor husband while she was dying of an illness. He took care of his wife. He spent a quarter of a crore rupees to take care of his wife and saved his love. There is a lot of talk about this couple today.
Corona became infected and started suffering …Suresh Chaudhary (32) is a resident of Khairwa village in Pali district. Suresh lives in his village with his wife Anita alias Anju and their five year old son. In May last year, there was another wave of corona, during which Anita developed a fever. During the investigation, it was revealed that Anita Corona was positive. After some time, her condition worsened. Suresh took his wife to Bangad hospital. But they did not get a bed there. After this he took his wife to Jodhpur AIIMS and recruited her.
The doctor had given up hope …Corona’s patient population was growing. Suresh was not even getting leave in it. For this, he left one of his relatives with his wife and returned to duty. Meanwhile, on May 30, Anita’s condition worsened. At the time, Anita had 95 percent infection in her lungs and was on a small ventilator. The doctor had given up hope. In this situation, Suresh did not give up. He took his wife to Ahmedabad. Here, on June 1, Suresh admitted his wife to a nearby hospital. Read this: Panic Day: What exactly is a panic attack? For these reasons it can come to anyone
Spending over 1 lakh per day …Anita’s weight had gone from 50 kg to 30 kg. There was a lack of blood in the body. This put Anju on the ACMO machine. According to doctors, the heart and lungs can be operated from outside through this. This process is very expensive. It cost around Rs 1 lakh per day. Suresh got into debt due to his wife’s illness. Anita was on this machine for 87 days. After this her condition improved and she came out of the mouth of death.
This is how Dr. Suresh collected the money …Suresh did his best for his wife’s treatment. Suresh borrowed Rs 70 lakh from a bank for his MBBS degree for treatment. He had savings of only Rs 10 lakh. Besides, he sold one of his plots for Rs 15 lakh. He rescued his wife with the help of relatives and friends.

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