Corona virus Black fungus case found in 70 year old woman in mumbai mhpv

Mumbai, January 28: Although there has been a slight decline in Covid-19 Pandemic patients in Maharashtra over the last few days, it would not be fair to say that the risk has been averted. In the last 24 hours, 25,425 new corona patients have been diagnosed. However, the consolation is that 36,708 people have been cured during this period, while 42 patients have died. There are now 2 lakh 87 thousand 397 active patients of corona in the state. Meanwhile, 1,384 new cases of corona virus have been detected in Mumbai in the last 24 hours and 5686 have been cured. Twelve people have died due to corona. There are 18,040 active corona patients in Mumbai. The Kovid case has not abated and the plight of Mumbaikars is not over. The first case of Black Fungus has come to light in Mumbai. Here on January 5, a 70-year-old man received a corona positive report. The patient developed symptoms of black fungus. The patient has been admitted to Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai for treatment.
The second wave of black fungus caused panicRising cases of black fungus after the second wave of corona in 2021 had created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of the people. Many people fell victim to Mucormycosis or Black Fungus after recovering from the Covid-19 epidemic. The disease caused many to lose their eyesight and other organs, and many died as a result. Now with the Omicron variant, people are once again infected with the black fungus in the third wave of the Corona.
These patients have the highest risk of black fungusPatients with black fungus are more likely to die of blindness, organ failure and death due to untimely treatment. Covid patients with high blood sugar and those who have been taking steroids for a long time have the highest risk of black fungus. In addition, patients with weakened immune systems or organ transplants may also be affected.
Symptoms of black fungusBlack fungus is a disease caused not by any bacteria or virus but by a specific type of fungus. It is a kind of dangerous infection. Symptoms include eye irritation, darkening of the skin around the face, nose, or eyes, severe headaches, and swelling on either side of the face.

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