Pune parents take care of children as last 6 days four times child were tests positive for covid19 mhds

Pune, January 14: Coronavirus spike in Pune is increasing day by day. So while the anxiety has increased, now another shocking information (Shocking information reveals about Pune Covid cases) has come to light. At this time, just like adults, children are also getting infected with corona (Children infected with covid 19). The number of children getting corona infection is increasing in Pune. In the last six days, four children have been infected with corona. Therefore, it is very important for the people of Pune to take special care of their children. In Pune, four children have been infected with corona in six days. Like adults, children are infected with corona. Mild symptoms of corona are also found in children. Between December 1 and January 11, 2,488 children between the ages of 0 and 11 became infected with the corona. In the city of Pune, the number of corona victims between the ages of 0 to 10 and 11 to 20 has quadrupled in six days.

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Anxiety has increased as corona infection increases in young children. Doctors are appealing to take care of children. Children are also urged to be tested if they have a cold, fever or cough.

Status of Corona in Pune

In the city of Pune As many as 5,571 new coronavirus patients were found during the day on Thursday (January 13). Three deaths have been reported so far. Two of these patients were from Pune. One patient was out of Pune. There are currently 182 patients on oxygen in Pune. There are 19 patients on invasive ventilators. There are also 26 patients on non-invasive ventilators. In Pune, 2 thousand 335 patients have overcome corona on Thursday. The total number of corona victims in Pune is 5 lakh 42 thousand 989. There are 25 thousand 737 active patients. One of the solutions is that only 4.33 per cent of the active patients are being treated in the hospital. On January 12, 4,857 new corona patients were found in Pune during the day. 1 thousand 805 patients had overcome corona. Also one patient was reported dead. In Pune, 33 patients were in critical condition during the day on Wednesday. But today the same number has reached 45 directly. Serious patients are undergoing treatment at the hospital. Conditional efforts are being made by doctors, nurses and health workers to improve their condition.

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