A prison official has been sentenced to death for killing 27 inmates

Colombo, 13 January: En: Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka(To a prison officer)Jail Officer(Death penalty)Death Sentence) Has been heard. Supreme Court of Sri Lanka (Supreme Court) This verdict has been pronounced. The officer has been charged with murdering 27 inmates. The case, which has been going on for three years, has come to light after a number of witnesses were examined and it was finally proved that the prison authorities had conspired to kill the inmates.

That is what happened

Emil Ranjan Lamaheva, the then prison commissioner, was accused of deliberately causing riots in the Velikada prison in Sri Lanka in 2012. An investigation has revealed that a total of 33 inmates were planned to be killed in the jail. With the help of some inmates, it has been proven that Emil planned to kill the prisoners by rioting and using rioting. The plot was hatched to kill the prisoners in such a way that no one could suspect or prove it.

Such a murder

In 2012, a raid was carried out on a prisoner to seize his cell phone and other belongings. So the prisoners got confused and a single commotion started. Many prisoners gathered in a small space and the violence started as planned. The violence left 27 prisoners dead and 10 seriously injured.

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The trial lasted three years

The case was heard before a three-judge bench and lasted for three years. Earlier, a different officer was convicted in the case. However, the officer was acquitted after it was proved that he was the mastermind of the prison.

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