Shocking! Fertility doctor puts women at risk, uses his own sperm 14 times

New York, January 4: A Fertility Doctor (Fertility doctor(To many women)Women(Threatening)Cheating(Own sperm instead of her husband)Self sperm(Pregnant using)Pregnant) The shocking thing has happened. Couples who cannot naturally become parents go to the Fertility Center for help during pregnancy. At this time the sperm of her husband or donor is planted in the woman’s body and the woman is made pregnant. However, in the recent shocking incident, it was revealed that the doctor used his own sperm to give women no idea.

Sperm used like this

Dr. Paul Jones was a famous fertility doctor. Many couples used to come to him hoping to move the cradle in the house. However, this perverted doctor used his own sperm to make women pregnant. The incident came to light during a TV show, which left the couple and their children in a state of shock.

That’s what happened

According to the Daily Star, two sisters, Simmons and Tahni Scott, revealed the matter in a news program. Since his father, John Emmons, and mother, Cheryl Eamons, were not having children, he became a doctor. Had gone to Paul Jones. The sisters claimed that they had made Cheryl pregnant by using their own sperm at that time.

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Such information was received

It was discovered by a website called Many people are trying to find their own ancestry on this website. For that, many have uploaded their DNA reports there. Some people found that the DNA reports of about 12 people matched to some extent and their father Dr. Jones was coming forward. This shocked both of them. At the age of 38, it was difficult to digest the shock, the duo said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Police have launched an operation against Jones and his medical license has already been revoked.

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