Kim Jong Un became Slim Trim, lost 18 kg; See PHOTO

Prongyang, December 30: Of North Korea (North Korea(Dictator) (Dictator) Kim Jong Un (Kim Jong Unn(Weight of)Weight loss) Has dropped dramatically. Kim, who used to look fat a few months ago, is now looking slender. When Kim, who had not appeared in the media for months, suddenly appeared, everyone was shocked to see him. They have lost enough weight to fill their eyes.

Eating less due to drought
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has ordered his countrymen to eat less. There is currently a drought in North Korea. Citizens have been facing drought for the last one year and there is a huge shortage of food grains in the country. Against this backdrop, Kim Jong-un’s decision to eat less, as advised by the public, has clearly had an effect on weight.

Decreased 40 pounds
In the past few months, Kim Jong Un has lost about 40 pounds (18 kg), according to the Korean Central News Agency. In this photo, he looks very thin and his face has also changed. However, the weight loss has not affected his health and he is said to be in good health. Kim Jong Un has not been seen in public for the past few months. This was causing anxiety in the minds of many. Many were shocked to see that it suddenly became thinner. Read this- shocking! The terror of Ivalyasha Khari; Made your prey 18 people in 2 days
Meeting in the capital
Kim Jong Un appeared at a conference in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. The meeting was held to discuss the current drought and its solutions. Imports have stopped as China’s border is currently closed. This border will be opened after 2025. Until then, citizens should cooperate, Kim Jong Un has appealed.

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