Do not do three tasks on Thursday at all and do three things


Sunday and Thursday are considered to be the holiest days in Hinduism. In this too, Thursday is the best because it is the attack of all the gods and goddesses. The direction of this blow is Ishaan. Shiva resides in Ishaan. The place of all the gods is believed to be in Ishaan itself. Therefore, there is a law to worship all the gods and goddesses on Thursday. This war should not be done even by forgetting 3 tasks and 3 things should definitely be done.

Don’t forget to do these 3 things too:

1. Do not make shaving on this day and do not cut any body hair, otherwise there will be a hindrance in the happiness of children. Nails should also not be cut on this day. On this day women should not wash clothes and hair and should not even apply wipes.

2. On Thursday, salt should not be eaten from above. This affects health and hinders every work. By eating salt, the Guru gets disturbed. Eating milk and bananas is also considered taboo on this day. Eating khichdi is also considered taboo on this day.

3. On Thursday, items related to worship, any object related to eyes, any sharp object like knife, scissors, utensils etc. should not be bought. Traveling in South, East, South is prohibited. Don’t lie and by atonement for sins on Thursday, sins are destroyed, as well as taking any new resolution or doing work, that resolution and work becomes successful.

Do these 3 things:

1. Fast on Thursday: One’s luck gets opened by observing Thursday’s fast. The person must observe a fast on Thursday because it is from Jupiter that luck awakens.

2. Apply saffron tilak on Thursday: Applying saffron tilak on Thursday gives good effects of Jupiter in the horoscope. If Jupiter is good in the horoscope then everything will be good in life. They have their effect on the fourth, fifth and ninth house in the horoscope. Gives good results in the fourth and opens the fortune in the ninth.

3. Must visit the temple on Thursday: All the gods and goddesses are pleased by visiting the temple on Thursday and the person gets their blessings and gets saved from the troubles of life. Offer water to Peepal in the temple. While offering water to the Peepal tree, Lord Vishnu is pleased, while Pitru Dosh is also eradicated and Pitrudev blesses.

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