Toyota’s new electric car smaller than the Nano – Navshakti

Toyota’s new electric car is smaller than the Nano

Mumbai: Toyota has launched a new electric car. This car is named as “C + pod”. This is an ultra-compact battery electric vehicle. The car is too small. So it will be easy to rotate and take it to the charging station in indoor settings.
The new C + pod is a two-seater eco-friendly car. It is designed with speed and efficiency in mind. In addition to covering short distances for daily needs, the car is also user friendly for those who use it for work. Speaking of power and other things, the electric car is very good. It comes with a driving range of 150 km and the engine is powered by a 9.06 kWh lithium-ion battery. A car like a pod can reach a maximum speed of 60 kmph. The length of the car is only 2,490 mm, which is almost half of the usual SUV. It is 1,290 mm wide and 1,550 mm high. The total length of Mahindra’s discontinued mini electric car e2o NXT was 3,280mm. Popular in terms of affordability, the now-discontinued Tata Nano has a length of 3,126 mm, much larger than Toyota’s C + pod. The launch of the C + Pod is aimed at launching a joint venture with Toyota Green Charge, developed by Chubu Electric Power.

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