Female employee filed a complaint in the court after being demoted after returning from Maternity leave mhmg

UK, December 10: A woman in the UK (UK News) was shocked when she returned to work on maternity leave. The company demoted her performance by downgrading it. The woman had been on maternity leave for the past two months. The company evaluated her work by adding two months to the woman’s vacation. And demoted her directly. (Female employee filed a complaint in the court after being demoted after returning from maternity leave) However, the decision taken by the company was detrimental to them. The woman went to the tribunal court against this. Here the company’s decision was deemed wrong. Besides, it was decided to pay Rs 12 lakh as compensation to the woman.

Returned from maternity leave and did demos …
According to the Daily Mail, the woman’s name is Diana Ledkova and she was working as a manager in a tech company in London. Diana claims that the company discriminated against her after she returned to work in November 2019 after completing a two-month maternity leave. Assessing her vacation work, her work was also given to other men. Read this – VIDEO VIRAL: Student’s dance starts on stage, notes scattered by principal
Court rules in favor of women …
Diana ran in tribunal against her job performance rating. The woman had received a top rating in an earlier performance. However, she was demoted due to maternity leave. The court later ruled that the transaction was discriminatory and ordered the company to pay damages. In this case, it was decided that the company should pay Rs 12 lakh to Diana.

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