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New Delhi, December 5: The U.S. and the United Kingdom have changed the rules for citizens entering the country because of Omicron’s terror. Restrictions have been tightened due to fears of omicron dispersal and speed of propagation. Citizens of many countries, including India, who want to travel to the US and UK, are required to comply with the new rules.

What are the new rules
The United States and the United Kingdom have set new rules for the week. The rules will take effect in the US from Monday and in the UK on Tuesday. It has been said that no one will be allowed to enter the country unless these rules are fulfilled. Corona’s RTPCR test will be mandatory for everyone. These rules will apply to everyone over the age of two.

The test is binding
The RTPCR test will be essential to enter the country. It will be mandatory to submit the test report taken within 48 hours before starting the journey. The administrations of both the countries have made it clear that even if there are earlier reports and they are negative, they will not be taken into consideration. Individuals who have previously been infected with the corona will also need to submit a certificate of recovery. It will be mandatory to submit a certificate of recovery from Corona at least 90 days before the start of the journey. Read this: Corona’s participation in Sahitya Sammelan too, two corona positive

Infection of Omicron in Western countries
Western countries have also been infected with the Omicron virus, and so far 20 cases of Omicron have been reported in the United States. In Britain, 160 Omicron patients have been found. The virus, which was first detected in South Africa, has been reported in many parts of the world, with all countries tightening travel rules.


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