Omicron infection without traveling abroad Shocking information about a patient found in India mhmg

Mumbai, December 2: Whether the threat to the corona decreases or not, the same is true of the omicron (Omicron in India) The crisis is facing the country. Found in South Africa (South Africa) A new variant of the Corona by Omaykron (Omicron) Now it has spread to India as well. Since omecron is more contagious, many countries have taken steps to prevent its transmission. Meanwhile, two such patients have been found to be infected with omecron in India. Both are said to be from the state of Karnataka near Maharashtra. Meanwhile, important information about these two patients has come to light. The first of these patients is said to have recovered from the disease and returned abroad. But another patient has increased anxiety. Checking the history of this other patient, he never traveled abroad. So this person is a health worker. In addition, this person has infected five other people (3 primary contacts and 2 secondary contacts (total 5)). Investigations are underway to determine if the person who came in contact with the person was infected with the omecron. Read this: Explainer: How did Omicron come to be discovered? What is the method of detecting a new strain of the virus? In particular, both patients infected with omecron have taken both doses of corona vaccine. However, it is being investigated as to where exactly the infection came from in the other person. Otherwise the patient chain is likely to grow further. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this is by far the fastest mutating variant. WHO has included it in the list of variants of concern. Corona virus its spike protein (Omicron Spike Protein mutation) Makes room for penetration through human cells. Antibodies against the currently available vaccine spike protein (Antibodies against spike protein) So that your body will be able to fight off these spike proteins, and even if the virus enters your body, there will be no harm.


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