Business started in the 21st year, billionaire in the 26th year

London, 28 November: Started a business at the tender age of 21 and became a billionaire at the age of 26 (Girl from UK started business at age of 21 and earned 1 billion rupees) The young lady is currently being appreciated everywhere. Business is seen as a tool to earn more money in less time. Many people show such skill in business that their business succeeds without any fists and they achieve great success in a short period of time. A young woman in Britain has achieved similar success at such a young age.

Share done from TickTock

A young woman named Linda from Britain shared her success story on TickTock. At the age of 21, she started her own business. She had लाख 5 million at the time. It was priced in Indian currency at Rs 3.5 crore. Six years later, she now owns 1 billion. With proper study, planning and hard work, she has achieved this feat in six years.

Advise people to invest

Linda’s main job is to give people investment advice. Her videos are known as LindaFinance. Many in Britain have benefited from her video. When you spend Rs 3.5 crore at the age of 21 and realize that you have become a billionaire in six years, the joy is indescribable, says Linda. Read this- a life saved by cigarettes, a big tree falling before the eyes; WATCH, THREE VIDEO

The importance of investment

Linda says it’s important to recognize the importance of investing. Linda says investing in the right place, at the right time and in the right amount is the key to everyone’s financial prosperity. She said that the purpose of her life is to make people understand the importance of investing and she is determined to continue this work from now on. Her success is being appreciated everywhere.


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