New variant of covid in south africa stirred up cases started increasing rapidly know how deadly it is mh pr

Geneva, 25 November: Now people were recovering from the Corona epidemic. That’s how Corona is once again embracing the world. The rapidly expanding corona in Europe has now taken on new forms in South Africa and Botswana. Scientists around the world and the WHO are concerned about the new mutant virus. Officials from the World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday discussed a new type of coronavirus that is spreading rapidly. François Balloux, director of the UCL Genetics Institute in London, said in a statement published by the Science Media Center that the new variant, b.1.1529, is undergoing massive mutations. This type is thought to have developed from an untreated HIV / AIDS patient. Balox said it is more likely to develop during an acute infection. It is difficult to predict how much the infection will spread at this stage. It should be closely monitored and analyzed for some time.

New virus experts begin studies
Regarding the type of virus, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases said in a statement that 22 such cases have been found in South Africa. Adrian Puran, executive director of NICD, said: “It is a matter of concern that a new strain has been discovered in South Africa, as data is currently limited. Our experts are working with all established monitoring systems to understand the new virus strain.” They are also studying what the other possible consequences might be. Research is underway on a number of other issues. The Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention had earlier said it would meet with South African officials next week to discuss the nature of the virus.
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Infection also in Botswana and Hong Kong
South Africa has also expressed concern about the new virus. According to virologist Tulio de Oliveira, the new version, called B.1.1529, contains a large number of mutants. He said travelers from South Africa also found it in Botswana and Hong Kong. It can spread very quickly. About 100 new cases were reported earlier this month, and the number of daily infections rose to more than 1,200 on Wednesday.
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Cases are growing very fast
Health Minister Joe Fahla said special attention was being paid to new virus strains. His cases are growing rapidly. South Africa discovered a beta version of the virus last year. Now South Africa has found a new type of COVID-19 with multiple mutants. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in South Africa.


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