A unique center of attraction in the marathon, the duck grabbed the attention of the fans; Watch VIDEO

There was a recent incident where a duck became the center of attraction in a marathon race. Generally, the spectators who come to watch the marathon competition come to see the veteran athletes who come to the competition. The marathon attracts crowds for their style, speed and overall strategy to win the competition. But recently a unique incident has come to light. In this marathon, a pair of competing ducks caught everyone’s eye. This video is going viral right now.

Ducks on the street
The 50th Marathon was recently held in New York. The tournament was canceled last year due to corona. However, this year the competition was organized. The duck, kept by one of the participants in the competition, was seen running in a marathon with him. He was so appreciated by everyone that everyone’s mobiles and cameras left the contestant and focused on this duck.
The duck also took the run
It seemed as if the ducks, like the other competitors, had participated in the marathon. Because even the duck seemed to be running with the other competitors. Many captured the incident on their cameras and posted it on social media. This video shows a big eighty running change on the running track wearing red shoes on his feet. The spectators on the field tried to encourage the duck by clapping and shouting slogans. Read this- big news! Billions of drugs seized in Dwarka; Vegetable seller arrested in Thane
Appreciation on social media
Badak’s participation in the marathon is being highly appreciated on social media. Netizens have commented that they liked the duck run very much.


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