Wonderful coincidence! There will be ‘divine’ fireworks on the night of Diwali

Kolkata, November 4: While Diwali and Lakshmi Puja fireworks are being celebrated all over India (Effect of solar magnetic storm likely to be seen on the Diwali night), a divine fireworks display will also take place. The effect of the storm of light of solar storm will be seen on the earth and you will be able to experience the luminous atmosphere in the South and North Pole areas.
What type is it?
A few weeks ago, a magnetic storm formed on the sun. The effects of the storm will be felt on Earth on November 4, scientists say. During this time, the North and South Poles will be brighter, and many times more light will fall than usual.
Scientist equipped
The incident was first reported by the Kolkata-based Center for Excellence in Space Science. Later, some organizations in the United States made similar predictions. Therefore, the estimate made by the Kolkata-based organization has been confirmed. Many people around the world, including scientists at the institute, are watching the event.
What effect on the commons?
This storm will not have any direct effect on the common people. Scientists have said that only light will fall in this incident and there is no possibility of any explosion. It is a fact that the rays emitted from the area around the North and South Poles are harmful to the human body. However, since these rays do not reach humans on Earth, they are said to pose no danger. These rays are absorbed into the atmosphere before reaching the earth. Read this: Standing on a hill, his wife starts a photoshoot; Insert the timeline in just 5 seconds
Diwali Solar Storm
The name of the day or period in which a storm comes is called that storm. The 2000 storm was named Bastille de Sorm. The 2003 storm was named Halloween Day Storm. It is likely to be known as Diwali Solar Storm as the storm is likely to hit on Diwali this year.


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