‘Do or die’ match for Bangladesh today, even a mistake will be heavy – News18 Lokmat

Mumbai, October 21: The Bangladesh team, which has entered the T20 World Cup with high expectations, is in big trouble. His challenge in this competition is likely to end in the qualifying round. Oman and Scotland have added to Bangladesh’s woes. If today’s (Thursday) qualifier match is not won by a big margin, then Bangladesh will be out of the tournament. Both Bangladesh and Oman currently have 2-2 points. But Oman’s position in run rate is better than Bangladesh’s. So if Oman beat Scotland in Thursday’s match, that team will advance to the Super 12. Bangladesh will then have to beat Papua New Guinea to reach the Super 12. If Oman loses against Scotland, Bangladesh’s path will be easier. They just have to win the last match. The Papua New Guinea team is almost out of the competition. From Group B, Scotland, Oman and Bangladesh are in the running for the next round. Scotland are currently at No. 1 with 4 points. But in the last match, they lost to Oman and if Bangladesh beat Papua New Guinea, all three teams will have 4 points each. In that case the top 2 teams will advance to the next round based on the net run rate. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United to enter IPL 2022? Oman’s run rate in these 3 teams is 0.613. They only need 1 win to enter the Super 12. But it will not be easy for Oman to win against Scotland. Scotland have won both their matches in the tournament, beating Bangladesh in their first match. Scotland has a run rate of 0.575 and Bangladesh has a run rate of 0.500. In this scenario, Scotland’s challenge in the tournament could come to an end if Oman and Bangladesh win big. So today’s matches are important for all three teams.


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