Mysterious accident of a US nuclear submarine in the China Sea, 11 injured

Washington, October 08: There are reports of a nuclear submarine crash. A US Navy nuclear submarine has crashed in the South China Sea. It is being said that this accident has come as a big shock to the Navy. The accident comes against the backdrop of ongoing tensions between Taiwan and China. An unidentified mysterious object hit the submarine and caused the accident. The accident happened in the South China Sea. Eleven U.S. Navy personnel were injured in the crash. The U.S. submarine was at the international maritime boundary at the time of the accident, the U.S. Pacific Fleet said Thursday.

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The U.S. Navy has issued a brief statement regarding the accident. The statement said the USS Connecticut nuclear submarine was stable after the accident. No damage was reported to the nuclear plant, the statement said. The U.S. Navy did not say where the crash happened. However, USNI News has reported that the nuclear submarine crashed in the South China Sea. The accident in the South China Sea has sparked many discussions. For the past few months, China has been bullying Taiwan and other countries in the South China Sea. It is understood that the US Navy is continuously sending its aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines to the area to help Taiwan.

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Meanwhile, the US Navy has said it will investigate the accident. The length of the crashed nuclear submarine is 353 feet. The submarine was added to the US Navy in 1988.

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