Joe Biden first mentioned ‘Mumbai connection’, Modi couldn’t help but smile when he talked about the relationship – News18 Lokmat

Washington, September 25: The first meeting between US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took place on Friday. During his first visit, Biden spoke about India connection. Biden recounted an incident involving a person with a surname. He said he had written a letter to the man who was first elected senator in 1972. Prime Minister Narendra Modi told US President Joe Biden during his first bilateral direct meeting on Friday that he had brought documents to prove that Biden had a “last name” in India. The two leaders discussed the issue in a fun way at the White House. When Biden asked if he was related to people with the last name Biden living in India, Modi replied, “Yes.”

When Prime Minister Modi said that he had brought documents related to people named Biden living in India, Biden asked, “Do I have any connection with them?” On this PM Modi said, ‘Yes’. He said, “President, you spoke in detail today about the surname Biden in India. You had discussed this with me before. After you mentioned it, I checked the documents. Today I have brought many such documents with me.”

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Recalling that Biden was in Mumbai when he was US Vice President in 2013, he said he was asked if he had any relatives in India. “I said I’m not sure about that, but when I was first elected in 1972 at the age of 29, I received a letter from Mumbai with a man named Biden,” he said.

This time he told me that the next morning the press told me that there are five Bidens living in India. Explaining this in more detail, Biden said jokingly. He further said that the East India Tea Company had Captain George Biden. Which is hard for an Irish person to accept. I hope you understand the joke. He probably stayed there and married an Indian woman.

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Biden said, “I have never been able to find him, so the whole point of this meeting is to help me solve it.”


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