Modi raised the issue at the QUAD summit after India’s vaccination certificate was rejected by the UK

Washington, September 22: After pressure from India, the British government gave Covishield Lashi (Britain approves Covishield but not Cowin certificate) Approved but the Covin Certificate is not India’s Vaccination Certificate, so the problems of Indian travelers to that country remain. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) The issue was raised at the Quad Summit in the United States (Quad summit) Is presented. Prime Minister Modi has said that international travel should be made easier by recognizing the vaccination certificate by mutual consent. According to the latest policy announced by the UK, from October 4, if citizens of certain countries have been vaccinated against corona, such citizens will be given direct entry into the country. However, India is not among the countries included in the list. This means that the Covishield vaccine offered in India is approved, but the certificate in India is not. This means that even if a citizen is vaccinated, Indians will be considered ‘not vaccinated’ as the Covin certificate is not valid. When Indian travelers go to the UK, they have to undergo a corona test there and stay in isolation (Corona test and quarantine mandatory) Is going to be mandatory. Therefore, the picture is that the recognition of Covishield will not benefit Indian citizens at all.
Read this – From next month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised the issue directly in the Quad Summit. Modi said, “India sees humanity as a family. We have supplied medicines and medical equipment to more than 150 countries. We have supplied vaccines to 95 countries. India has the world’s largest vaccination campaign. More than a million people have been fully vaccinated. India has made available the digital medium Covin for vaccination against corona.
Read this – Double blast of corona vaccine; The company’s vaccine is being tested on cancer. Covishield Lashi was approved by Britain after Jaishankar expressed displeasure over the decision. According to sources in the Ministry of External Affairs, efforts are being made by India to get the Covin certificate recognized. Meanwhile, Modi has also raised this issue in the quad meeting. Therefore, the international travel route of Indians is likely to be cleared soon. Everyone is wondering when this recognition will be given.


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