Why is it so late to form a government in Afghanistan? Find out the real reason behind the scenes

Kabul, 5 September : In Afghanistan (Afghanistan(Of the Taliban)Taliban(Now almost 3 weeks after coming to power)3 weeks) Have been reversed. But the Taliban have not yet succeeded in forming a government. Internal power struggle (Internal power sharing) And international pressure (International pressure(For these reasons the Taliban)Taliban) Is known to be late in coming to power. It was rumored that the Taliban would form a new government within days of taking control of Kabul on August 15. But in reality, the Taliban have not yet succeeded in establishing power.

International image

The Taliban want to establish a government that will be recognized by the world. Recognition by the international community and resumption of closed financial resources is a major need of the Taliban. The Taliban face a double challenge: to enforce all the rules of Sharia law on the one hand, and to form a government that will gain international recognition on the other. Therefore, it is being said that the formation of the government is being delayed.

Internal power struggle

The Haqqani network and the Taliban are known to be at loggerheads over who will be represented in the government. Both organizations have demanded a greater share of power. Therefore, there was no consensus between the two organizations. The Taliban’s co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar and leaders of the Haqqani network have also been reported to have clashed. But it has not been confirmed yet. Read this – ‘I like to be nude to people’; Secret job revealed by the girl through PPT

Confusion about Panjshir

Since Panjshir has not yet been fully captured, there is confusion among the Taliban as to what to do about it. There are some Taliban who are of the opinion that a solution should be found by discussing with Panjshir, while some are aggressive to conquer the territory by attack. There are three main reasons why a government has not yet been announced in Afghanistan. “We will make an official announcement in the next few days,” the Taliban said in a statement.


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