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Mumbai, September 15: Many students from India study in many countries every year (Study in Abroad) Go to take. Most of these students are from Germany (Germany), USA (USA) Or to Canada (Canada) Are. But out of these three countries, the country where students want to go is Canada. But because of the corona, many countries have imposed certain rules for students coming from other countries for education. As well as in the rules of VISA (Visa rules in Canada) Changes have been made. So today we are going to tell you what these new rules are and how to get a visa accordingly. The Canadian government has once again changed visa rules due to Corona, which will allow students traveling to Canada to land at only 4 airports in Canada, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. In addition, each student arriving in Canada will have to spend about 3 days at a place designated by the government. The student’s corona report will come after 3 days. If the report is negative, the students will have to go to their home and stay in quarantine for eleven days. Read this – OLA’s bow is now in women’s hands; The world’s largest plant run by women only

Apply for VISA

To obtain a Canadian education visa, students must apply to the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, which allows international students. There are two ways to apply for a study visa, the first being a study permit. Applying through this is the best option for Indian students. In this, you have to register online on the official website of CIC, where after loading the biometrics, fingerprints and photos you have to wait 20 days for verification and result. The second way is to direct student flow. You can apply online or offline. Its application process is somewhat similar but it takes more time to screen the application. Read this – 19 year old Nandini came first in the country in CA exam; Great success for the number of siblings

These documents are required

Acceptance Letter Valid Passport Marksheet School Leaving Certificate Proof of Purchase GIC Proof Scholarship Information Proof of Your English or French Language Test Medical Examination For Canada Education Visa Family Information Form 2 Years IT Record Representative Form For Your Parents


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