The brother-in-law of this famous actress got stuck in Afghanistan; No contact was made within a month due to the Taliban regime

Delhi, September 15: The Taliban (Taliban) Since taking power in Afghanistan, it has hit people all over the world, including the people of Afghanistan. People in Afghanistan (Afghanistan Crisis) It takes a lot of hard work to get out. So now the blow has fallen on the Indians who have settled in Afghanistan and the Indian government has decided to bring them to India.Indian Govt) Has begun to take steps. So now that some people have found refuge in India, the government is trying to get others out of Afghanistan. So now people have to work hard to get the stranded Indians out. But now because of this, Indian TV actress Nupur Alankar (Nupur Alankar) Has suffered a major setback. His brother-in-law Kaushal Agarwal is trapped in a Taliban state and his family is now worried. Kaushal Agarwal’s family has not spoken to him for the past one month. So people are worried about where they are, whether they are alive or not. The ‘infamous’ ministry is starting again in Afghanistan.Nupur AlankarIn an interview with Aajtakala, he said that my sister’s health has deteriorated for some time now. Because her husband Kaushal Agarwal has not been in touch with our family since last month. When we last spoke to him on August 19, he said he was charging his mobile. But since then they haven’t had any phone calls, nor have we had any contact with them. Bloodshed! The Taliban broke their promise again, killing 20 people in Panjshir, so we are very worried. Nupur is constantly looking at the list of people being rescued and brought to India. But he still hasn’t seen his sister-in-law’s name in it. So their families are in tension. “We are in constant touch with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and we hope to find them soon,” he said in an interview.


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