Only one dose of corona vaccine should be taken; Sputnik light gets green signal from Modi government

New Delhi, September 15: Two doses of corona vaccine are currently being given in India. But now only one dose will have to be taken soon. Single dose (Single dose) Corona Las Sputnik Light (Sputnik Light) The Modi government has given the green light. The vaccine will be tested in India. A single dose of this vaccine is sufficient. Emergency use of Russia’s Stupnik V corona vaccine is currently approved in India. Sputnik Lite is the next version of Sputnik V, Russia had earlier said. Dr. from Hyderabad to give Russian vaccine in India. Reddy (Dr. Reddy’s) The company with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (Russian Direct Investment Fund) The contract is done. The company had sought permission from the central government to get Sputnik Lite approved in India after Stupnik V. The Subject Expert Committee (SEC) had recommended the trial of the vaccine. Accordingly, the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has approved the trial of this vaccine. According to him, the third phase of the vaccine will be tested in India. Explainer – third dose after two doses; Would Corona’s Booster dose be beneficial? Approval was sought for the emergency use of the vaccine in July. But the demand was rejected by an expert committee of the Central Drug Standards Control Organization (CDSCO). The vaccine has not been tested in India, so the committee said it could not allow it. The trial of this vaccine is now allowed. The vaccine was developed by the Gamelia Institute in Moscow. ReutersAccording to RDIF, the vaccine was used in a single dose of Sputnik Light vaccination campaign between 5 December 2020 and 15 April 2021. Data were examined 28 days after vaccination. At that time, the vaccine was found to be 79.4% effective. The third phase of the vaccine has been tested in Russia, the UAE, Ghana and other countries. It included 7,000 people. India gave 100 million doses in 13 days, WHO appreciated that the vaccine is 79.4% effective against corona. One dose of this vaccine is more effective than two doses of some vaccines, Russia said. A single dose of this vaccine costs डॉ 10, which is less than Rs 737. If the emergency use of the vaccine is approved, it will be important in the fight against corona.


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