Mother’s opposition to Corona Lashi hit Leki’s soul; A 4-year-old girl died in her sleep due to infection

Washington, September 15: Coronavirus (Coronavirus) Many people are afraid to take the corona vaccine or are opposed to the corona vaccine while wearing thaman. One such mother, who refused to be vaccinated against the corona vaccine, has lost her baby forever. A 4-year-old girl has died in the US due to a corona infection (4 year old girl died due to corona). In Texas (Texas) 4-year-old Callie Cook (Kali cook) Corona has died (Corona infected girl died in Texas). Corona died within hours of showing symptoms. She has died in her sleep. Callie had no symptoms of corona. After her death, she was diagnosed with corona, and it became clear that she was the cause of her death. Importantly, Callie had corona because of her mother, who was opposed to corona vaccine. She had to pay the price for her fight. Her insistence on not getting vaccinated was against her.
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Daily MailAccording to reports, Kelly’s mother, Karra Harwood, was against the Corona vaccine. She did not get the corona vaccine. She also found her four-year-old chimpanzee in Corona’s lap. “I got a coronavirus infection,” Carra said. Immediately after that I was isolated in a room. I tried to keep my children away from me so that they would not become corona. I thought they shouldn’t be corona because of me.
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