In Afghanistan, the notorious ministry is starting again, the life of the common man will be painful

Kabul, 14 September : In Afghanistan (Afghanistan(Of the Taliban)Taliban(After the government came, now such a ministry)Minister), Which will add to the suffering of the Afghan people in general. The ministry was set up when the Taliban was in power in Afghanistan. The name of this ministry is Ministry of Virtue. (Ministry of virtue and vice) The ministry, which monitors the observance of rules based on Sharia law and imposes penalties for crimes under Sharia law, will be a nuisance to the common man. The ministry will be headed by Mohammad Khalil.

That would be the Ministry of Virtue

According to the New York Post, the situation in Afghanistan will worsen with the establishment of this ministry. After the formal implementation of Sharia law in Afghanistan, most restrictions will be imposed on women. Women cannot go out without wearing a veil. Women will not be allowed to leave the house for any reason unless they are male relatives. Men will be required to grow a beard. Music and all other means of entertainment will be completely banned. Watching movies, listening to music and any other form of entertainment will be a crime.

Punishment will be according to Sharia law

The same punishments that are provided for in Sharia law will now apply in Afghanistan. That is, if someone deliberately kills someone, he will be publicly hanged. If someone is found guilty of murder by mistake, he will be charged. If someone is found to have stolen, his hands will be cut off. If he is found guilty of having an immoral relationship, he will be publicly stoned to death. Read this – The ministry was set up in 1996 after the Taliban came to power in a covert alliance between the ISI and the ISKP, Pakistan-backed Taliban. At the same time, all these laws were enforced in Afghanistan. These rules apply in Afghanistan until the US invades Afghanistan.


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