Defeat in court of a woman who is the face of MEETOO Movement in China, gave a desperate reaction

Beijing, September 15 : The Face of the MEETOO Movement in China (Face(Known as Zhou Xiaoshuan)Zhou Xiaoxuan) Has been defeated in court. Fame TV anchor Zhu Jun (Zhu Jun) Has been given a clean chit by the court in this case due to lack of evidence.

What happened?

Zhou Xiaoshuan had alleged that Zhou Jun, an anchor of CCTV News in China, tried to force his kiss and touch her body in an offensive manner. It happened in 2014, and Zhou was 21 at the time. She had read about what had happened to her while doing an internship at the channel. Since then, many women in China have been exposed to sexual harassment. So Zhou was known as the face of the Meetu Movement in China.

What happened in court

China court hearing the case lasted for several days. This was seen as a high-profile case khatalyakade. However, the last Zhu junavirodhata Court decided without him having any concrete evidence. The court decided to release him for lack of evidence. Swing her alleged victims of sexual abuse are on the Zhou court had demanded stiff penalty. She had demanded 50 thousand yuan dandadekhila jhukaduna be charged. However, no evidence that she charged she could not present. Tell me the evidence, decided to release on June kortanem Zhu clear. Read – only pretam and skulls, NO ENTRY people are living on the island; See PHOTOs see wonderfully upset Zhou lying on the court, or removed. Now Zhu is filed her suit junane abrunukasanica. Our strength is not found out now urjaca You no longer have to fight a desperate reaction jhaunam.


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