Betty Middler’s call for SEX strike on women against that law in America, see what’s the case

Washington, September 05: A new law enacted in the US state of Texas has caused huge dissatisfaction among women and many women have taken to the streets against the law. In Christianity, abortion is considered a sin, and on that basis, the Texas administration has passed a strict law against abortion, which has sanctified the women’s movement. The law has been in force since September 1. Singer and actress Bette Midler has called for a sex strike in protest of Texas abortion laws. “Women will be protested until they have the full right to decide whether or not to have children,” he said. The new law has been consistently opposed by all human rights activists and women’s organizations. Women are demanding their constitutional rights. But the U.S. Supreme Court has only rubbed salt on his wounds, and the Supreme Court in its ruling on Wednesday explicitly refused to suspend Texas law. It has affected the entire country and women’s movement has started in almost all the states. To stop this movement, US President Joe Biden will now have to take a decisive decision through the Senate. Read this – Skin Care Tips: Excessive use of laptop-mobile can also damage your skin; Take care

American society is considered to be the most progressive in the world, where women do not consider abortion a bad thing, but they consider it their fundamental and constitutional right and they are convinced that this right cannot be taken away from them by any law. What exactly is this Texas law? According to the law, if a woman has an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, it will be considered a crime. It provides that any citizen can file a case against the accused woman and the abortion clinic and nurse upon receipt of any such incident. If the allegations are proved, the person who filed the case will be entitled to a compensation of ten thousand dollars, or about seven and a half lakh rupees.


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