Delta swells in China, malls, gyms and roads closed in Fujian

Beijing, September 14 : En: China (China(Fujian)Fujian(Delta variant of Corona in the city)Delta Variant) The city is completely closed. Mall in Fujian, (Mall) Jim (Jym(And roads too)Roads) Have been closed. The local administration has ordered the citizens of the city not to leave their homes. The decision comes after the number of corona patients began to increase locally. Corona’s condition is critical According to Reuters, Corona’s condition in Fujian is critical. Many citizens have contracted the corona, which is likely to spread rapidly. Corona has also made a comeback in the city of Putia in the area. The city has a population of 3.2 million. The Chinese government has sent a committee of experts to Putia to monitor the spread of corona. China’s National Health Commission said 43 new cases of corona were found in Fujia between September 10 and 12. Of these, 35 patients are from Putian. Similarly, 32 patients with no symptoms but positive were found. Similarly, 32 patients with no symptoms but positive were found. As of September 12, a total of 95,248 people had been infected with the corona in China. Corona has killed 4,636 people. Earlier, the number of corona patients had increased in the Jiangsu region of China. Now that the situation there is under control, coronary heart disease is on the rise in Fujian. Read this – Bloodshed! The Taliban broke their promise again, killing 20 people in Panjshir. The first corona virus came out of China. China then successfully defeated the Corona. But now, once again, corona patients are being found in different parts of China. In the second wave, the Delta virus, which spread to India, has now spread to China.


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