Coronavirus virus in children for a long time? Research reveals alarming information – News18 Lokmat

Delhi, September 14: Due to the corona (Corona) People’s lives have been affected since last year. The epidemic has claimed the lives of millions of Indians. At the same time, the Indian economy (Economy) Corona has been hit hard. So now people are scared of Corona and in everything they are now taking care of their health. The first wave of corona did not pose much of a threat to young children. But now during this third wave the little ones (Long Covid Symptoms In Children) Many medical consultants had predicted a higher risk. Now those fears are showing signs of coming true. This is because even before the third wave arrives, the number of children with coronary heart disease in hospitals is on the rise. In a recent study in England, the effects of the corona on young children are long-term (Long COVID Symptoms) Can stay, it has come to the fore. So naturally parents are worried about their children. Explainer – third dose after two doses; Would Corona’s Booster dose be beneficial? According to this research conducted in England, 1 out of every 7 children suffers from chronic corona disease due to corona. It has a very low incidence of coronary heart disease. So now Corona poses a threat to young children. University College of London (University College of London) Researchers in a large study have claimed that children who had corona, even after recovering from it, still have symptoms of corona. Children between the ages of 11 and 17 in England were involved in the research. All of these children were positive for corona in January. The study also included children who did not have symptoms of corona.


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