Worrying news! A bloodbath in Mumbai at the mouth of the third wave; ‘This’ appeal from Tata Hospital

Mumbai, September 13: In the face of the third wave of corona infection, news has come out which has raised concerns among Mumbaikars. Due to the decrease in the number of blood donors during the Corona period, there is a huge shortage of blood in Mumbai. Therefore, the Tata Memorial Center (TMC), a pioneer in cancer treatment, has made an important appeal to the citizens. He had shared a post on his social media account two days ago and appealed to the blood donors to donate blood. The Tata Memorial Center is currently experiencing a severe shortage of blood. Please come forward and donate blood. Donating blood is completely safe and you can save someone’s life. ‘ Such a tweet was made by TMC. They have also shared the contact number of the blood bank (022-24177000) for donating blood. He also appealed to the housing societies to organize blood donation camps.
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Dr. CS Pramesh, Director, TMC, said, “TMC operates hospitals in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Varanasi, Visakhapatnam, Guwahati, Sangrur and Muzaffarpur. They can go to any of these places and donate blood. He further said that TMC Hospital needs about 60 units of blood per day. But there was a 60% drop in blood donation during the Ain Corona outbreak. But right now we have a 25% blood shortage. ”
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Before the Kovid epidemic, Mumbai needed 1,000 units of blood per day. But fewer surgeries during the lockdown have reduced this. A doctor at BMC Hospital said, “The second wave of corona virus is spreading and now the number of surgeries and cancer treatments is increasing. So the demand for blood is increasing.” Another doctor working at a hospital in a Mumbai suburb said, “Mumbai has the lowest blood supply in recent times.” Currently, there is a shortage of blood in many places in Mumbai.


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