Newlyweds should postpone pregnancy for one year; Strange decision of this government

Colombo, September 12: The scourge of the corona virus is still lingering in the world. More delta variants of the corona virus (delta variants risks sri lanka) are being found in neighboring Sri Lanka. Which has caused a stir in Lanka. The Sri Lankan government has appealed to newlywed women to postpone pregnancy for some time to avoid the threat of corona delta type. According to local media reports, about 40 pregnant women have died here in the last few months. After that, the government’s health ministry has given this advice. Earlier, similar advice was given to women in Maharashtra due to Zika virus. Criticism of the government has been criticized by many in Sri Lanka (corona in sri lanka) after the Ministry of Health gave this advice. After that, the country’s primary health care, epidemiology and covid disease control minister Dr. “We have decided to give advice in this regard as per the advice of the expert committee set up for corona prevention,” said Sudarshanani Fernandpule. He said the advice was to ask women to stop pregnancy for a year for the safety of both mother and child. The health minister said the new strain of corona is more lethal than the initial virus and is spreading rapidly. So he says this advice is right. Director of the Health Programs Bureau said … Director of the government’s Health Programs Bureau Chitramali d. Silva said, ‘About 41 pregnant women have died since the onset of the third wave of corona. That is why we advise newlyweds and others to use family planning methods to avoid the risk of covid-19 for at least a year in this difficult situation. Read this – Heavy rains, six gates of Koyna Dam will open; Warning to the riverside villages

Lockdown could re-apply So far, 5,500 pregnant women in the country have contracted the corona. Of these, 70 per cent women have been vaccinated. Experts advise pregnant women to get vaccinated. The country has been given a lot of relaxation in the Corona lockdown rules since August. However, new restrictions are likely to be imposed by the government soon. Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) in Sri Lanka have recommended stricter restrictions until early October.


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